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Let’s runaway together

For some reason, as long as I can remember have I had some sort of attachment to Italy. My soul has yearned to anything and everything about Italy, longed and as if I was Italian in a previous life, basically I’m Italian at heart. I don’t know what it is, but I simply love it and dream about it what I’m sure is an dazzling and enchanting country that I can’t wait to visit one day, hopefully soon.

Most people know by now how much I love poetry, especially the ones written by one of my favorite writers, Dante Alighieri, the one behind the masterpiece in literature, La divina Comedia (The divine comedy) and La vita Nuova, the story and poets written and inspired by his muse and love of his life, Beatrice. Well years later he saw her walk by at a bridge, the Santa Trinita bridge in Florens and my biggest wish and dream is to go to that bridge, stand there, inhale the air and be surrounded by one of the greatest lovestories in history, the one of Dante and Beatrice. To just be there, at a place with so much history and nothing but pure love and joy, the thought of itself brings a smile to my face, I simply have to go there before I die.

Number 2, is the Uffizi museum/gallery, also in Florens. It’s one of thee oldest and probably most famous one. Everything is top art, it houses some of the
most important works of the Renaissance and it has a masterpiece that I’m dying to be face to face with, Nascita di Venere (The Birth Of Venus) by Sandro
Botticelli, a painting from 1486. To see it with my own eyes, inhale it, be close to it, (would kill to touch it but that’s probably a big fat NO) but just to be in the same room, I’m getting goosebumps just by thinking about it. If I’d ever be close to death, I would want to see it before closing my eyes, for it to be the the last image I’d ever see.

One of my favorite saints was from Italy, Rome. Saint Valentine. There’s so many reasoon to why I idolize him of all Saints, and not because of Valentine’s day. It has nothing to do with that. It’s for what he did, what he stood for, his believe and died for it, he gave his life for it. It’s a long story I won’t be getting into now, but if you scroll down a little bit in the category “My inner thoughts” you’ll find a whole entry about him that I wrote a while ago.

And last, I could live on pasta for the rest of my life, I love it and my favorite is Lasagna, but I just love pasta, all shapes and different dishes. Now, if we go way back in history, it has been said that it actually started in China, but who the hell thinks of China when mentioning pasta? No offence to the Chinese, but if I wanna think of you it probably would be if I’m eating rice, no? Anyways, if someone says pasta I think of Italy right away. so yeah! 😀

And the music, is just so beautiful, I might not understand every part and word of the songs but it doesn’t matter, I love it <3 Especially hearing Andrea Bocelli’s voice, it’s so soothing, that’s how I imagine an angel would sound like and don’t get me started on how much I love the track Più Bella Cosa by Eros Ramazzotti! <3


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