Face mask. |


Face mask.

Take a deep breath, and inhale slowly. It’s pretty insane how for those few seconds, I feel all the weight lift off my shoulders. Sadly, I feel it all return a few moments later. I hate not being able to explain how I feel, I hate not even understanding why I feel the way I do. I hate myself at times because I know what I’m doing is wrong, yet I can’t help but do it. It’s like, I hate feeling so alone, yet I don’t want anybody’s help. I dont want anyone in my business. Usually, I would say this is just a moment thing and before I know it, it’ll be gone but… It’s still here. That worries me, you know. I’ve been like this for what feels like forever, and I don’t think it’s ever lasted this long. I just wish I could go back to before. To where I could at least still talk to people and pretend to be happy.


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