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Watched the first season of Mom and what an amazing and entertaining new comedy tv show. It’s not often you find yourself cracking up at todays series but this one had me wiping off my tears of joy. Filled my heart with laughter and bliss.

Christy (Anna Faris), is a newly sober single mom of two, who one day finds out her daughter is pregnant and mean while her mother (Allison Janney) tries to fix some kind of mother – daughter relationship with her, which throughout the shows gets better.

With one of the writers from The Big Bang Theory, Two and a half men, Dharma & Greg, you can’t go wrong, Chuck Lorre has nailed it once again with Mom.

Mom is a refreshing comedy, it’s sort of a female version of Two and a half men, the in-your-face lines, the languages and it talks about real life issues with some humour. By watching 5-6 episodes in, you’ll understand the characters better and their story.

I recommend it, I loved it. Had me cracking up most times and each one of the actors does a splendid job.


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