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Saving Mr Banks

Went to the Swedish premiere of Saving Mr Banks, and while writing this I can’t seem to erase the smile that’s still on my face after leaving the theater. The very thought of the movie brings joy and bliss. I truly and deeply enjoyed every part of it from begining to end, it’s a “feel good” movie, it had soul and heart, humor and emotions. Simply magical.

The film takes place in 1961, between London and California, P.L. Travers, the writer from the very known amazing story of Mary Poppins, has been contacted by Walt Disney himself for 20 years, he wants the rights of Mary Poppins and to make a film adaption of the book. Finally she decided to meet up with him and that’s were their journey begins.

Tom Hanks delivers his outmost extraordinary as Walt Disney, I couldn’t had imagine someone else portraying him as flawlessly as Hanks did. His voice marks, the way he moved, his gesture and way he walked.

And Emma Thompson was just amazing in her character.Truly nailed it, a woman with a strong opinion on everything. But you also felt her, you understood her, why she was the way she was.

It’s beautifully put together, all in general, from the smallest details, the stunning vision of 1961, the outfits to the cast. It’s funny and sentimental. It touches your heart in way you didn’t think a movie would.


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