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The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street; The amazing true story about Jordan Belfort. His rise from nada to Prada. To be one of the wealthiest stockbroker’s, this is his journey, the good and the bad. The crimes, drugs & sex that came along with it all.

Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a Long Island penny stockbroker and married to a hair-dresser, one day he gets a job at Wall Street and starts making some pretty decent paychecks. One day at a dinner a guy named Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill) walks up to him asking what he does for a living and when Jordan tells him, and Donnie still can’t believe that he makes enough for the car he’s driving, Donnie tells him to show his paycheck and that if he really was making that much, Donnie would quit his job, which he did. They then teamed up and started a firm, Stratford-Oakmont, a company who’s staff went from 20 to 250.

With the company growing so did the substances they abused, and so did their lies as well. Jordan didn’t only become a drug addict but also a sex addict, and once his wife find out he was cheating, they got divorced her and he married the beautiful Naomi Lapaglia (Margot Robbie) whom he also starts a family with. And when you think it’s all going well for the moment, the lies floats up the surface, the crimes comes out, drugs becomes heavier and the marriage fails. He was insanely greedy, unfaithful and an addict.

The movie may be 3h long but so worth every minute of it and Leonardo DiCaprio gives once again the best performance, if he doesn’t win an Oscar this time I will send the Oscar Academy a complaning letter! I still honestly don’t get how he hasn’t won one yet, he should have several by now, it doesn’t make any sense. His one of the best actors.

And Jonah Hill is another real talanted actor whom I’ve become very fond of, he can play both serious and hilarious characters and he’s beyond great here as Jordan’s partner Donnie.

In general it was a masterpiece almost, an highly well done and entertaining movie!


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