Well since I’m going to the concert on May 6th, I thought I’d post an entry with some of my favorite songs from them, both old and new ones. Well as I mentioned I grew up listening to them, my mother would play their songs and I fell in love, at the time I never payed much attention to other artists, my music range went from Marilyn Manson to Marilyn Manson, then somewhere along the ride I opened my views and caught myself listening to NKOTB, BSB & N’SYNC. But New Kids On The Block. just listening to them, especially Step By Step, it’s like I’m mentally stepping into a time machine, the joy it brings to listen to their old tracks is amazing, and it also brings back so many blissful memories from my childhood.

And the “newer” ones that I’m fully hooked on! Can’t wait to hear them LIVE!

And then the song Full Service is mission impossible to find on youtube, and make sure to check out their songs; Miss you more & Survive you, from the album 10. Or actually, check out all their songs, there isn’t one I can’t listen to, love them all. <3


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