The people on IMDB are looney toons or has no humor, how can they throw so much shade at this tv show? I watched the first season to see what it was about, because I couldn’t believe it was that bad and it wasn’t, I cracked up laughing several times, it had been a while since I actually enjoyed a comedy tv show after The Big Bang Theory, Dads is really good, quite hilarious!

Eli (Seth Green) & Warner (Giovanni Ribisi) are two successful men, one married with the beautiful Camilla (Vanessa Lachey) and the other is single living in a pretty dope apartment, both working together. Warner already has his dad living with him, and then one day Eli’s father comes to visit but with one dilemma, he has no home to go back to, so he moves in with Eli. And let’s just say that the dad’s are no angels.

The casting radiates chemistry, and all of them are great actors, especially Green and Ribisi are amazing talented ones that had me laughing throughout each episode. I truly hope there will be more seasons to come, and more people should actually give it a chance, don’t watch the first 15 min and judge it, no serie and episode is hilarious-falling-rolling-on-the-floor-laughing for 30 min straight, there will be small dull moments every now and then, and the more you get into it, more episodes you watch, funnier it becomes.


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