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Beauty and the Beast

Started watching the modern take on Beauty and the Beast and wow, I was hooked from the very first episode. I’m totally and fully in love, not only with the Beast but with the whole serie in general. It’s an entertaining thrilling romantic and crime tv show. You got the Beauty who’s a cop and the Beast who’s part of an militery experiment gone wrong.

Cop/Detective Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) watched her mother get killed right infront of her own eyes and nine years later not only has she still not gotten over it, she’s frustrated and determined to find out who killed her mother and why. But something else happened that night, just as she was about to get killed as well, someone saves her and nine years later she ends up face to face with him again. The handsome Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), a former doctor and soldier, had gone through an experiment gone the wrong way, he turns into a terrifying beast when he is enraged. Throughout the story not only does he helps her solve her cases, but romance between them is floating around in the air. He has watched her for years, followed her every move and she, has seen what he truly is, what he turns into, yet she hasn’t run away. There also small hints about a connection between her mother and the beast.

He is more than welcome to become my Beast O_O

As I said, I was hooked from the very beginning, it’s extremely addictive, thrilling and exciting. You got a little bit of everything, a touch of CSI, humor & passionate love between her and the beast, and beast or not, he is gorgeous. And I love how protective he is of her, the way he watches her, making sure nothing will harm her. He also has amazing hearing, scent and vision senses and strength. He’s total eye candy for the chiquitas, there are several scenes with him working out, shirtless. And is an amazing actor, can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves.

I’m just on the first season and I’m truly satisfied and blissful for finally a new and great tv show to follow, looking forward for the next episode & seasons to come.



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