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Made soup for dinner, with my favorite veggies. Pumpkin, Carrots, Broccoli & Cauliflower.

Pumpkin; Has a pretty high dose of folic acid (folsyra), which is an important vitamin for when you’re pregnant for the fetal’s development. Tons of vitamin C and a large part of potassium which has a positive effect on your fluid balance. Pumpkin also keeps you fed longer, and is extremely low on calories.

Carrots; Filled with vitamin A, B6 & C. Potassium & antioxidants. And very rich on carotene, which improves the night vision, prevents against cataracts and age-related changes in the retina, basically wonders for your eyes/sight. The carotene is also amazing for your skin, and on top of that, carrots are also bacterial and viral killing.

Broccoli; The king of veggies as its called. Vitamin A, B6- B1- B2- B3, C, K Iron, Protein, mangnesium & zinc, that is the cure for a better immune system and to prevent colds. And it’s perfect for vegans, since it has a high level of calcium! And so much more. So make sure to start eating broccoli a little bit more often.

Cauliflower; The amazing cauliflower has hormetin, the substance to keep you young and with a dazzling skin. And the folic acid in it, protects against breast cancer.

Soups are packed with vitamins, important ones and it’s quickly and easy to make. As you see in the first pictured, I used salt, peppar, herbs & vegetable powder broth, that has no yeast, which is perfect, it doesn’t get you all swollen up like a baloon then. And fully organic too. 😉


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