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Hola my little nuggets, sorry about the horrid updates but been busy working on my book, which is finally coming together, can’t wait for the finished product, then my internet refused to cooperate with moi so I threw my hands up in frustration and cursed it to death and it started working! 😀 Anyways, did a little shopping, I’m obsessed with IKEA, think I’m becoming old or something because I used to hate going there, and now I had a blast, bought sheets, pillow cases, a new pink set with a cup & bowl, from now I’m going to be having breakfast like a princess.. Actually no, more like the queen of England. Also did clothing shopping & got a pair of cute black shoes from ZARA. Oh, and I went to the press viewing of Jack Ryan : Shadow Recruit, so I will post an entry with review after this one.

Fell in love with this beautiful creme color plate, that I have now on top of my make-up table with my body lotion and body splashes.


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