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Sweet dreams

The last few days have I been suffering of some major insomnia, it has been mission impossible to fall a sleep, I’m tired, but my eyes and mind are wide awake and I have throughts that are just in race basically and I can’t seem to shut it off before going to bed.

I tried tea’s, waking up early, going to the gym and try to drain my energy, and nothing, still at night I can’t sleep, and I gave up and started to see if there were any apps that could help me out and I did, I found 3 ones that has helped me at nights.

The first one is like an hypnosis, a woman talks for around 20 min or so, makes you relax and also tells a few reasons why we get insomnia.

The second one is my absolute fav, different types of sounds. You got tropical rainforest, beaches, forest, night ambience, waterfall, Jungle and so much more, there’s a whole list you can pick from and press play.

And the last one, different types of rain sounds, I’m a huge “falling a sleep to the sound of rain lover” so this app is perfect for me. You can pick either a light rain, thunder, storm, rain that falls on the car roof, falling off porch, there are so many alternatives.

Great apps, that I recommend. Left the phone on my night-stand and fell sleep like a baby to the sound of rain.

All these 3 Apps are free!

1. Sleep well

2. Nature sound

3. Sleepmaker

I also downloaded app that tells bedtime stories 😀

Little tales & I’ll tell you a story. Also Free


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