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Go Green!

Got up early today, did my laundry, cleaned up and made a green jucie and went to the gym!

I used; Pear. Celery. Cilantro. Cucumber & Parsley.

Mixed up everything in a mixer, poured it up on a glass, and bottoms up! And honestly, it ain’t THAT bad as many people say, sure it may not look like the most delightful thing to drink, if you’d compared it to a pink smoothie, but it’s not mission impossible to swallow it. Think of how insanly healthy it is, how well it will make you feel, and give you a glowing skin, lucious hair, strong nails and so much more, It has so many vitamins it’s crazy, and if you want, add a little of ginger and you’ll have a energy boost as well!

What green juices are also good for; Boost the immune system. Improve digestion. Build endurance. Amazing cleanser. Healthy and well going function. Support the liver & kidney. Reduce inflammation.

Parsley is also an amazing source for iron, which is important for vegeterian & vegan people!

& Now, I’m going to watch a French movie, quite old though. High Lane, a thriller and the review will be up later as usual. & For that, I made some snacks & dip.

Cucumber, carrots & celery sticks, the dip is out of soy creme from the brand Alpro, perfect for vegans, with a touch of dip spieces! 😉

& Did you lovebugs know that celery is a bomb filled with vitamins? Such as Iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin A, B, C & E, mangnesium & potassium. It also increase mental and physical activity and is an natrual fat/calorie burner!


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