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Pretty sure I found my favorite vegan products from the brand Alpro! The Soy beverage with vanilla literally tastes like vanilla pudding, a real deli! And I found almond milk with no sugar (unsweetened) which means less calories 😀 Thought I’d try it out, I’m not really a big fan of almond milk, I can drink it but the after taste is basically horrid 😐 I always need to drink something after to wash down the taste it leaves, only reasons I drink it because it contains a lot of Vitamins & calcium which is important for your bones, especially when you work out as much as I do. I need to be strong and healthy! And vitamin D that’s super important now when darkness is taking over, D is pretty much a vitamin we receive from the sun, but since the sun is going all N’sync on us BYEBYEBYE during winter, we def, need to make sure to get it from other sources. And it’s a wonder for your skin, a total bonus!

The Soygurt is another delicious thing, with a soft tropical fruit taste, it will light up your day by having one for breakfast! I usually add some dried fruits to it, like pineapple, coconut, raisins or you can even slice in a banana or another fruit that you enjoy, it’ll leave you fuller and more satisfied.

Well my lovies, hopefully you’ll decide to try them out, I’m heading to the gym and then a quick trip to the mall, got some errands to do and might check out a few stores as usually 😉

Have a lovely day! Mwuahh


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