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Don Jon (press viewing)

I want to start off with by thanking Domcoola & Noble Entertainment for the tickets for the movie, been truly looking forward to see this film and I had a great time!

Wow. I’ve followed most of Joseph-Gordon Levitts work as an actor, from the tv show 3rd Rock from the Sun to one of my favorite movies 10 Things I Hate About You, and his outstanding part in 50/50. To now, Don Jon. Were he not only delivers an amazing work as an actor, but is also the talent behind the screen. He both directed & wrote the alluring script.

Don Jon (Joseph-Gordon Levitts) has his routines, things he priorities and he’s a porn addict. He masturebates numerous times daily and to him, porn is better than real sex in any way. He lives his bachelor life like no other, he has his place that he keeps neat, works out regularly, goes to church and parties with his “boys”. Of course he scores every night out, brings a lady to his place, has sex with her, and while though he JUST got laid, while she’s sleeping he sneaks into the livingroom and check out a porn video. This all goes well until he meets Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) who’s not only a dime of a women, but slowly shows small hints on what type of girl she really is, how demanding she is. Throughout the relationship, one night at his place she catches him watching porn and that was a deal-breaker for her and he lies and convinces her that it was nothing, that someone sent it to him as a joke. So now, he starts hiding it, and while that goes on, he meets Esther (Julianne Moore) and it all leads to an end you had not predicted quite much.

Now, note that the movie is not about porn, it’s about addiction. Not seeing it as a problem, that you can stop whenever you want but just don’t want to, or at least that’s what you tell yourself. But it’s beyond that as well, about that she or he might be a 10, but it doesn’t mean they are the perfect match/partner for you because of that. It’s about finding the one who will accept you for you, because if they piece by piece tries to change you, then clearly they don’t love you for who you truly are, but for the person THEY want you to be, which an unreal version of you.

The film was enjoyable from begining to end, it did not dissapoint me at all. It livs up to the expectations after seeing the well put together trailer. It had plenty laughable scenes, it has charm and emotions. It’s sexy and confident, plus everyone did an splendid job as actors, and what I loved the most was that how JGL managed to make it beautifully done, despite the porn clips that would show up, it wasn’t tacky or vulgar, he nailed it there. It wasn’t to much nor too little to get it.

The film gives you a good-feeling when leaving the theater. I’d truly recommend it, a really great job from JGL! I’m definitely looking forward his future work!


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