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Food oats

Corn meat (stripes)


Creame (out of oat – vegan version) or you can also use fraise crème (which is my favorite, and the one I would use before going vegan, it gives a fuller taste and more thickness, tastes amazing)

You start by frying the corn stripes with a touch of olive oil, and then you add the mushrooms. Let it heat it up for around 5-8 min. And then add the creme, salt & peppar and done.

I would use rice before, tastes way better, but changed it to food oats since it’s healthier and has more fibers and proteins. But I would recommend to do it with rice.

The food oat is quite simple to make, another thing I’d recommend is to leave the oat one night before in a bowl with water, it’ll make the cooking time much faster later.

You cook it basically just like the rice, boil the water with salt. Then pour in the oats, lower the tempeture and put a lock on it for around 15 min, try it. If it’s al dente then it’s done or if you want you can leave it for a few min longer, depending on how you like it.

& here’s the version with fraise crème & rice! which is way better!

AND if you’re a meat eater, then perfect, you just change the corn meat stripes to meat! 😉 enjoy!




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