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Ben and Kate

So I checked out the tv show Ben and kate, mostly because Dakota Johnson has one of the main roles in it, and I wanted to see her in action, her acting basically. And well,she’s not bad, she has a weird awkward personality in the show, and is a good actress, but she’s no Anastasia Steel.

The show in general is pretty okay, not something I would actually recommend, it wasn’t quite as funny as I hoped and heard it would be, I may have smiled 5 times and laughed 2-3 throughout the whole season, that’s nothing. But it doesn’t completely suck, and my favorite characther was BJ played by Lucy Punch, now SHE was hilarious, she should have her own show, her acting was great and I just loved hearing her British accent.

I don’t know if there will be a season 2 since Daktoa Johnson is now working on the 50 Shades movies, maybe after she has finished it.

The show is a lot about family and being there for each-other no matter what, even at the hardest of times and about strength. Love relationship and drama.


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