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Make your own granola

I decided to make my own granola (Müsli) . I bout the things I enjoy and know somewhat the vitamins they contain and what they’re good for and mixed it myself in a bucket. That now is ready to eat for breakfast or just as a snack. 🙂

Raisin are healthy for a lot of things such as;

* They contain phytochemicals that prevent caries and different diseases that can effect your gum.

* It has a high level of fibers that are good for your stomach and can help prevent constipation.

* High level of calcium for your bones.

* Antioxidants to help prevent eye-diseases and different types of cancer.

* And gives an extra energy boost before the work-out pass.

Wolfberries, has all kinds of vitamins like;

Zinc. Vitamin C. Vitamin B12. Vitamin B1. Iron. Beta-Carotene. Zeaxanthin. Lutein. Lycopene. Niacin. Calcium. Copper. Selenium & Phosphorus.

Pumpkin seed;

High on Zinc, minerals & protein.


* Wonders for your urethral.

* High level of Vitamin C.

Dried pineapple;

* Rich on vitamin C

Dried coconuts;

* Proteins

* Fibers

& + Cereals


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