Behind the candelabra. (press viewing) |


Behind the candelabra. (press viewing)

Went to the press-showing of Behind the candelabra, here’s the English review and you can read the Swedish version at

Ocean’s Eleven-trilogy, Erin Brockovich, Traffic and Magic Mike! Steven Soderbergh knows his thing and proves it once again with Behind The Candelabra. A beautiful and deluxe movie about Liberace’s life and gay relationship to him that started as his assistant and ended up as his lover.

Liberace lived the extravagant when it came to life, everything had to be luxury. But at one point he realized that no matter how much he had, the material things could never replace the emptiness, the loneliness he felt. No matter how surrounded he was at every hour of the day, he still did not have that one person to share his deepest thoughts with. That’s when Matt Damon’s character came in the picture. Who once again delivered his best acts, and he became Lee’s (Liberace’s) right hand. From his assistant, bodyguard, friend, brother, son to lover. He got to taste the sweet life, and everything went well until it got over his head, the luxury, drugs and ended up as an addict. Which led to Lee not wanting more, and all the problems started blowing up. From their relationship to Lee’s health as well.

The chemistry between Michael Douglas and Matt Damon was pure superb, the movie has humor and soul. Amazing glittery outfits that Liberace would wear with pride. The visionary was splendid, the 1977 vibes were well done and put together. Amazing tale, loved it.

The original Liberace;

Wladziu Valentino Liberace, born in May 16th 1919. Date of death; February 4th 1987.


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