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Back! Went to two movie press-showings today, the first one was Behind the candelabra & the second one was 1D This is us! The reviews will hopefully be up tomorrow, going to try to make the time to write them before work, and I hope I manage to get up early so I can make it going to the gym as well.

Well, but before the second movie I hade some time over to check few stores out and ended up buying 3 facial lotions, I’m completely obessed when it comes to my skin and will pay anything to keep it clean and smooth like a babyface. And I’ve used these products before and they’ve worked perfectly and the extra plus is that they smell like heaven, your face will be have this fresh sweet scent throughout the day.

I always get products that works on the deep, I think they’re better, rather then paying for things that only works on the outside basically.


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