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It was my day off so I decided to do some grocery shopping, mostly ’cause I wanted to go and buy some “healthy” candy, fruits dipped in yoghurt, AMAZING, my new craving, I go banana sandwhich if I don’t have them. Clean while listening to music, and then watch some more Gilmore Girls episodes, still haven’t finished all seasons. Anyhoes, was alone so just had to cook for my lil’ self which wasn’t that fun but did take less time. Did glutenfree pasta (Spaghetti) with veggie quorn meat. Tasted like a little piece of heaven. Not much is going on now, just taking it easy, going to make more tea and keep watching a few more episodes. Work tomorrow, then hitting the gym, don’t know what I’m going to do since I can’t do heavy lifting anymore -__- but going to try to powerwalk or do something. Gonna keep watching a few more episodes now, not a smart idea since my eyes are giving me hard time, these last 4-5 days whenever the sun or bright light hits them I just bawl my eyes out, feels like their on fire, pure burning, they get all svullen and I’m pretty much blind for 3-4 min. The smart move would be to stay AWAY from the computer/tv but we all know that ain’t going to happen so… yeah 😀


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