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Veggie Bastard

Whenever I mention I’m a vegetarian, people are quick to assume I basically only live on salad, thinking I’m some kind of rabbit. Yes, my “menu” is quite limited since I don’t eat meat, chicken and I’m a bit picky when it comes to fish, but there are plenty of delicious meals that I can enjoy of. So from now on I was thinking of posting pictures and personal recepies of vegetarian dishes that I personally make. Hopefully it’ll inspire other vegetarians or if meat eaters simply want to try something new. I try to eat as healthy as possible, but I also like to cheat every now and then and have something unhealthy. It can be everything from salty snacks, a muffin to a veggie burger with fries. I go by the 80/20 rule. Eat 80% healthy and cheat with the other 20%. I do believe that we deserve it, you can’t go through life living on strict diet and workout and not give yourself an award, that’s ridiculous. Live life, enjoy food, give your tastebuds a kick of happiness. When eating something that your body desires, you get a rush of endorphines, which ‘tricks’ your mind and body into thinking your happy, and you start to feel much better. A lot of people think that by eating something unhealthy you’ll ruin everything, you’ll get fat and ugly, and that’s not the case. You can eat anything and everything as long as you don’t overdue it. Everything, even healthy food in large measures aren’t good for you. Even a big amount of water ends up being bad, so goes for milk. So, you can eat chips, or candy, but not the whole bag, have a little bowl and treat youself. Your body, mind & soul will thank you. 🙂

I love PASTA! RICE! & POTATO! Diets like LCHF was hell for me, pure horror. Now, I don’t eat it everyday, but I like to enjoy a plate. So today, I’ve been having few days of terror with pains, so I figured I deserved something deli, and decided to make Hotdog stew with rice, a la Veggie!

Now, since being vegetarian, I changed the Hotdogs to Quorn hotdogs, which are high on protein, low fat & personally tastes better.

You need;


Quorn hotdogs

Red Onion

Tomato puré

Food-cooking Creme (not the one you use on cakes and sweets)

When doing rice; First, boil the water, with a pinch of salt and a drop of olive oil, when it’s heating up and is all bubbly, you pour the rice, lower the tempeture and put a lock on it and let it be for around 20-25 min, which gives you plenty of time to prepare the hotdogs. (Don’t forget to put a clock/alarm on, so you won’t forget the rice, after 20 min, taste it, if it’s al dente and if it needs more salt, that’s up to you how you like your rice).

Now, you hack the hotdogs into small strips. You start now with hacking the onion and fry it a touch, and quick after mix it with the hotdogs for around 5 min. You pour the creme and a little bit of the tomato puré, add salt and peppar and let it be for 5-8 more min, you taste it and when you feel it’s tastey for you, then it’s done.

You put the rice on a plate, add the hotdogs, add a good salad if you want and voila! 😀

PS. Det är alltså en vegetarisk korv-stroganoff. 😉




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