You need a Rolemodel, fuck it, you can play the role! |


You need a Rolemodel, fuck it, you can play the role!

Nothing annoys and irritates me more than people complaining about todays celebrities. Either one is smoking, the other one is showing off too much skin, the other is a hardcore party tiger, it’s endless. And most used one; “What happened to her?!”. They changed, they grew up, they got bored, we can go on and on, on what has happened to them but the point is that it’s none of our business and no reason to complain. Miley Cyrus grew up, she’s not the little 13 year old from Hannah Montana anymore, and on top of that, she’s an actress, meaning she was just playing a role, a character. It was never her, this is her, the person you see now. Justin Bieber, the “kid” is not a kid anymore, like ALL OF US he also grew up, so of course he’s going to enjoy drinking a cold beer every now then. Rihanna, if she wants to smoke, that is her problem, she’s not telling others to do it, it’s her thing. If she wants to show off her ass, tits, and whatever part of her body, that is her damn business! She’s allowed to do exactly anything she wants, she’s her own boss. They may act different in ways, but they all have one thing in commun, they’re all artists. Their job is to make music, movies, or even design clothes, bottom line, their job is only to entertain us, nothing more! I’ve never been a fan of Rihanna, I do admit she’s talented and beautiful, just not my cup of tea when it comes to music. But I will say something when people start talking trash about her or all of them being a bad rolemodels! ‘Cause it’s not up to them to raise your childrens, if you teach your kids right and wrong, then you shouldn’t be worried about the Media taking your kid “to the dark side”. If you’re a parent then it’s YOUR job to raise YOUR kids, not the artists. If you don’t want your son or daughter to hear Rihanna’s Rude boy for example, then it’s YOUR job to turn off the tv not Rihanna’s to stop making that type of music/songs It’s that simple! Your childrens is your job and no one elses to raise and make sure they do the right thing. YOU should be your own kids rolemodel, you shouldn’t think the celebrities will teach them how to be a good person. Personally I don’t believe in role models, especially celebrities. I don’t think they are the ones to blame for how society kids and teens act today.


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