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Just got home from the movies with Cami, felt like an amazing idea on a cloudy and rainy day. Went to see a Swedish flick Vi (Us) with Gustaf Skarsgård, brother of our big Hollywood star Alexander Skarsgård. Usually I don’t like Swedish movies, never been a big fan, but the trailer caught my attention and so I decided to go see it and it was really good and quite intense towards the end. It’s not a movie I’d personally watch twice, but I’d def. recommend it. & If English nuggets manage to find it with English subs then great. 😉

Anyhoes, not much is happening now, just laying in bed all cosy with my laptop & a cup of a tea, while blogging and listening to music, I have Pink’s – Just give me reason on repeat, totally addicted to it. Wellwell, adios!


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