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The Duff (Review 2015)

Surprisingly entertaining, a new teen comedy about learning to accept and love yourself.

When Bianca gets told by her more attractive and popular neighbour and childhood friend Wesley that she’s her friends DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) she first goes through denial until it hits her that she’s not only a duff but that the school is full of them and that every group has one. Then when she overhears her teacher tell Wes that if he doesn’t pass the class he won’t be playing any football. Bianca sees this as her chance to get his help to not be a DUFF anymore, and in exchange she’ll help him study.

It’s fun and even has some hilarious scenes, it’s deep and has heart. Most comedies or especially teen comedies these days lack an overall message. Although quite predictable towards the end it was still fun and heartwarming story with a blissful ending and a great cast.
6/10 Director; Ari Sandel – 101 min – Comedy

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